Swift enters new era of pop with “1989”

Singer abandons country roots in favor of catchier style

Zoie Shaw, Arts & Entertainment Reporter

By now, pretty much everybody has likely heard Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” The single comes from Swift’s new album “1989,” which has been No. 1 on the charts for more than 10 weeks. It truly deserves to be at the top of the charts.

Swift has changed her music style with “1989” by adding some ’80s pop style. She has moved far from her old country style from her previous albums. “1989” is an amazing album to listen to when you need something to just jam out to.

The most popular song on the album is “Blank Space”, which has been played on the radio many times. In the music video, Swift plays a girl falling in love over and over again and always chasing the boys away. It shows what the media thinks of her.

Not being a big fan of her original style,, I enjoyed listening to her music. on “1989;” I like it better than her previous albums that were all country.. It was a good decision for her to transition to the pop genre.

“1989” is a great album, even if you aren’t a fan of what Swift has done before.  It was expected to be a great album, and has met that expectation.