Safety Day set for Friday

Victoria McCoy, General Assignments Reporter

Safety Day, which is committed to the school practicing, fire, lockdown, tornado, and face-to-face notification drills, is set for Friday. The goal is to make sure that Red Oak Junior High is always ready for anything unusual that might occur.

“The drills will be a full building evacuation, testing the PC  (also known as the alarm system), tornado drill, lockdown drill and a solid drill test to make sure we can communicate without technology,” Assistant Principal Todd Bramwell says.

Bramwell said that it is important to make the drills as real as possible in order to keep students and staff safe and prepared in an emergency.

“It’s just practice, like anything else,” Bramwell says.

Bramwell said it is possible the school could face problems during the procedure such as poor student behavior, but normally, students are well behaved.

“Most of the time, they always behave very well,” Bramwell says. “But there’s always one or two. But,students are always well behaved, they get out of the building, they stay in line and teachers are able to count them. They are always good, and I expect the same thing this time.”