Controversy surrounds Cowboys loss to Packers

The Cowboys lost 21-26 to the Green Bay Packers during Sundays hotly debated game.


The Cowboys lost 21-26 to the Green Bay Packers during Sunday’s hotly debated game.

Jordan Mann, Sports Reporter

It’s been over 48 years ago since the Greenbay Packers and Dallas Cowboys went head to head in a playoff game.

In the last matchup, Dallas fell short 17-21.

And history just repeated itself.

The Cowboys lost 21-26 in Sunday’s game against the Packers. Some call the game unfair, but others say Green Bay won fair and square.

The issue that gets fans heated is when Cowboys’ wide receiver, Dez Byrant, “caught” a pass, but Mike McCarthy thought different.

Opinions are different over why the Cowboys didn’t win. For example, some say they were unprepared to play in that type of weather or they were cheated by the call on Bryant. But all Cowboys fans should be happy because the team had a good season and made it to the playoffs.

The Packers will take on the Seattle Seahawks on Jan. 18 to determine who goes to Super Bowl XLIX.

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