School might be boring, but it’s the key to success

School might be boring, but its the key to success

Sarah Isa, Opinion Writer

I really hate school.

Some students just love it. I wish I could love school as much as they do. But just as many students find school boring and end up falling asleep. Sometimes I just force myself to like it. I mean, all you do is learn, and not many students enjoy doing that. Even though many of us hate school, we still have go.

School is a very important place because it allows you to get an education. Your life depends on it. Education is more than just reading, writing and arithmetic. It’s the key to success.

Boys and girls who learn to read and write will provide a better future for their family. They will have better houses, more money, and ultimately be able to provide a better education for their children.

Sure, school can be a nightmare; waking up early, dress code, backpacks, too much homework, no freedom, disgusting lunches and drama.

But I think it’s important to go to school if you want to chase your dreams. If you want something, you have to work for it. Nothing is handed to you. I just want to try new things like cooking, journalism, AV tech and theater in junior high and high school, and then finish college.

Whether you want to be a doctor, a teacher, an engineer, a firefighter, people  have to work hard to achieve what they want. Students have to go to school to get their degree. There are many people in the Middle East who wish to learn while others wish to stay home and do nothing. We should be thankful that we are getting an education. Not a lot of people in other places are allowed to.

Remember that education is the key to success. Go chase that dream and be thankful.