photo journalist:Yessica Lopez

Yessica Lopez is an 8th grader in Red Oak Jr.high.She is a 13 year old girl that is in love with the song by sam smith:not the only one.She has dark brown hair and eyes she is 5’0 and her favorite movie is Beyond the Lights. Yessica’s top three best friend’s in order are Litzy Ipina, Karina Gonzalez and Allyssa Villalon. She is really weird but funny and she is not that much of a weird person she is just unique. Her favorite color is pink , she does not like the color orange at all. She does not like history, math, science and rude teachers.When she grows up she wants to be a wedding planner or an clothes designer.Also she is a photo journalists in her journalism class. Her favorite sport is football or soccer she loves to stand out and be the life of the party because she does not like to be ordinary.She is not perfect she makes mistakes but she takes those mistakes she does not like to be the type of people ┬áthat don’t take chances don’t wait for the outcomes.She does not listen to people when they say “you cant do that” she does it anyways she likes to show people that she does not care what they say that it does not matter what they think of her decisions she will not let the stand in the way of her goal she shows them anything is possible when you do not listen to the people that try to bring you down follow your ┬áheart and dreams.