AV Technology classes show off work at Fall Film Festival


Gracie Klander, Photo Editor

On Dec. 8, Erin Cristales’s AV Technology classes showed off their short movies at the first annual Fall Film Festival.

The students made short three- to five-minute movies that were counted as a project grade. Throughout the day, classes came to the ROJH cafeteria to watch the films and vote for best picture and best director. The winners were presented with a paper Oscar statue.

Students such as 8th grader Michael Herring, who is in AV Technology 4th period, thought the project was fun.

“It’s fun to make something you see on TV, and it’s pretty cool how they make it,” Herring said.

Many students said that this was a challenging project to get done.

“It was pretty hard, because we had to cut out some audio and record some for voiceovers and just put it all together to where it flows good,” 7th grader Colin Munchrath said.

Tony Garcia, who won best director and best picture for 2nd period’s “The Story of Bullying,” was happy with his group’s result.

“When my movie was picked for best movie, I felt like I did a good job on my project,” Garcia said.

 Future AV Technology students will also have a chance to participate.

“I will give this project every semester to the new classes, and we will also have a film festival,” Cristales said.

This year’s winners:

2nd period:

“The Story of Bullying”

Yazen Kinjo, Andrew Kestler, Tony Garcia (best director), Payton McClain

 4th Period:

“The Runaway”

Madison Rogers, Vandilla Levenant, Johnathan Salter (best director), Nicolas Guerra, Scott Herring

5th Period:

“Scoot Over”

Trey Lintz (best director), Alyssa Harris, Garrett Hargest Smith, Lance Castle, Nate May

6th Period:


Skylar Marks, Christian Moseley, Kyle Adamcik (best director), Jourdyn Alexander, Colton McClain

7th Period:

“PDA Heartbreak”

Elysia Parras, Yudit Munoz, Megan Horne, Hunter Fletcher, Kelly Delgado (best director)