Students to face staff in Friday’s dodgeball game


Makayla Miller, Arts & Entertainment Editor

On Friday, students and teachers get to hit each other as much as they like.

With dodgeballs, at least.

The dodgeball game is a fundraiser for ROJH’s Student Council-hosted Renaissance parties. This year, Coach McCullough is in charge of the teams, some of which include the 8th grade off-season football teams led by Coach Johnny Johnson, and the English 1 team, led by Coach Paige Patterson.

Students who pay $1 will attend the game with their 6th period class. The game is expected to begin at 9:45 a.m. and end at 11:15 a.m.

Jaylen Roberson and Karina Gonzalez both said that they want the students to win the dodgeball game.

“I really want the students to win because its going to funny when the teachers get hit with the dodgeball,” Roberson and Gonzalez said.

But Bryant Bailey wants the teachers to win.

“They are way better than the students, so they are going to win,” Bailey said.

Patterson said that this year, the teachers are going to win. “I am really excited to see what happens,” Patterson said. “The students are going to try to win however they can; it can get really vicious.”

But Johnson isn’t worried about who takes home the dodgeball crown.

“I really don’t care who wins,” he said.