Do-It-Yourself decorations for the holidays

Do-It-Yourself decorations for the holidays

Courtney Jackson, In-depth reporter

Are you feeling festive this season? Well, there’s no need to hire an interior designer to make the house look ready for Christmas time. There are many DIY projects to make your home look holiday ready.

ROJH 7th grader Jasmine Shepherd has a few ways to make a home festive this year:

  • Hang Icicle Christmas lights on your wall, along your headboard, or along a window.
  • Make a Christmas tree out of ornaments.
  • Have essentials such as stockings.
  • Change the color scheme to colors such as reds, whites and greens.

Seventh grader Mia Hauffe is all set for the holidays at her house:

  • Hang a sign (or stained glass, if you want to be fancy) that says “Merry Christmas” or any other holiday you celebrate.
  • Don’t forget about the boring ceiling: hang snowflakes from the ceiling or the ceiling fan if it’s not used often.
  • If you are limited on space, you could put up a 2- to 6-inch tree (and make it go with your own color scheme.
  • Add the snow fun like small fake snowmen and little stuffed snowballs.

And 7th grader Destiny Gurrusquieta has two final DIY decorations:

  • For a funky way to hang Christmas lights, put them in the shape of a Christmas tree.
  • If not in the mood for snowflakes, hang colorful ornaments on the ceiling.