Opinion: Tune in to your imagination

Rylee Choate, Marketing Editor/Graphic Designer

Life is like a TV.

If it’s a color TV, your life is full of imagination.

If it’s a black-and-white TV, your life is a boring horror movie from the ’20s.

Being a color TV myself, I use my imagination all the time. For example, when I’m bored and I have nothing to do or think about, I always find a way to entertain myself, such as my stuffed animals, my Wii, and sometimes I tell myself a story or two.

My 7th period (AV Tech) is the best place to use my imagination, mostly on Photoshop. Creating stuff in Photoshop is the doorway to my imagination; creating ads, turning myself into a superhero, etc.

Imagination is very important, and without it, you feel like half your brain is missing.

If that’s the case, you need a lesson on getting the missing side.

Unlocking your imagination is the key to unlocking your inner self, and your personality. Drawing is a great way to use your imagination. You find or think of something you like, and slap it on a piece of paper, but in your own way. My friend Heaven draws a lot, so she is considered a color TV. If you can’t draw, then read a novel, and as you’re reading it, imagine what is happening. Play the book as a movie in your head.

There are some songs out there that we all love, so why not write your own lyrics to them? Make up your own song using the music from another one! What a perfect idea for using imagination!

There are so many forms of imagination, I just can’t say them all!

But if you’re a black-and-white TV, you need to consider using your imagination every once in a while. All the time, if you can!

Everyone can have their own form of imagination.

Everyone can be a color TV.