Opinion: Forget football — soccer is the best sport

Yessica Lopez, Photojournalist

Soccer is a lot of practice.

It’s not just running. It’s about knowing your way with the ball and knowing how to do tricks. Also, you have to know which angles to kick the ball to your team mates.

Your team is the main thing in the game; it’s not just all about you. It’s about how the passes turn out. For instance, if another team member is in your way and there’s no way you can kick the ball around them, then you’re going to have to look for a partner and you have to kick the ball really hard to get it across the field.

Soccer isn’t a sport people just play to play. They play it for the thrill, the sweat running down their face, the movement of their legs hitting the ball over and over, the thrill of the air running through your hair.

In soccer, if you don’t sweat enough then you are not trying. Your hair has to be drenched in sweat to show you’re IN the game.

You have to show the coaches that you’re worth putting in the game. They depend on all the teammates in order to win.

Some people say soccer players aren’t serious and they only worry about their hair. They say all they do is run and that football players actually do stuff and that they are most in shape. But no; in soccer, all of the players are in shape.

In football, there are a lot of out-of-shape players. I know people say that they need to have some fat in order to block out all the players because they are defenders, but what about the other players? Al ot of them are not even defenders, but they are still out of shape.

Soccer players are not girly either; they can take a hit. I know a lot of them fake getting hit or act like they’re dying when they do, but it is not because it hurts them. When they fake it, they just try to get a penalty or a red card on the other team members so they can get a goal to win the game.

Next time people say soccer is just running, let them try soccer for themselves.