Opinion: Movie ‘Stars’ not as good as book

Courtney Jackson, In-depth reporter

The first time I picked up “The Fault in our Stars,” I thought that I wouldn’t understand it because of its topic (cancer) and its sky-high vocabulary.

Before I started reading, I already knew the twist ending. But it didn’t matter. The wonderfulness of “The Fault in our Stars” began, and I couldn’t put it down. It was so good, with its powerful quotes and sad, spectacular storyline.

Since it was such a popular book, I searched Google to see if it was being turned into a movie. Sure enough, it was.

The movie was set to come out June 6. Even though, it was already April, it felt like a long wait.

Finally the day came. I went to go see it with my best friend. We sat down, very excited and impatient.

Not even halfway through the movie, I was furious. There were so many great details in the book that made me love it, but in this movie… all of those details were completely gone.

One subject of concern: In the book, Isaac has blonde hair, but in the movie he had dark brown hair. Nat Wolff did a very good in the role of Isaac, but the director could have cast a different actor (or made Wolff’s hair blonde).

In the book, the wonderful quotes (such as “I’m a grenade…” and “Okay? Okay.”) were spread out and were very powerful. Yet in the movie, the quotes were all piled into the “Swing Scene” and it felt like the director just squeezed them in wherever he could.

Another detail in the book was when Hazel and her mom came to pick up Augustus. It seems like a very small detail, but they were texting each other cute texts (in the book) that really jumped out at me. In the movie, Augustus came to pick them up, which really annoyed me.

The director definitely could’ve made the movie better with more details.

It’s sad that the people that have only seen the movie don’t understand the beauty of the book.

The Fault in Our Stars is currently available on DVD and VOD