Opinion: As a Smiler, I know Miley is the best

Some may hate her, but Cyrus is a true star

Dalton Stevens, Video Reporter/Editor

I became a Smiler (ultimate Miley fan) in 2006, when the first episode of “Hannah Montana” came out.

Most 8 year olds worried about getting to play outside after school. I worried if Miley was going to choose Jessie or Jake.

Ever since I first discovered Miley, I’ve looked up to her and followed everything she’s done.

She has become an idol to me because she always tells her fans to be themselves and enjoy life for what it is.

If you ask people their opinions about Miley, most would say something negative about her and the way she acts. The thing most people don’t understand is that what Miley does on stage is a character, and who she is offstage is someone completely different. Miley is one of the smartest, nicest, and most loving people ever (and I know I sound weird saying these things considering I’ve never met her), but Smilers understand who she is on the inside.

Once Miley made her change from “Hannah Montana,” she lost some fans, but she also gained a lot like me. Once she cut her hair, I became even more into her and her music. In 2013, she released her album “Bangerz”,and that’s when I absolutely fell in love with Miley. When I listen to her, I can relate to her in so many different ways. She writes about so many different things; there’s always a song for every mood you’re in.

A song that I can relate to immensely is “We Can’t Stop”, because it talks about being yourself, having fun, and not caring what anybody thinks about it. I take her songs and apply them to my own life.