School bathroom situation isn’t working

Jorge Lariz, Video Producer

It was a dark day for me: I almost used the restroom on myself.

I had to go all day, but I never had time. All the teachers said, “No, go to class.” Finally, I had a chance, and I went.

 Some people might be as lucky as I was, but some people just don’t have time to go. Using the restroom on yourself in middle school will get you made fun of and bullied, all because stupid passing periods are too short.

 Many students are getting tardies because they have to use the restroom. When they get to class, students ask to use the bathroom and the teacher says, “You should have gone during the passing period.”

 When the student tries to explain why they could not go to the bathroom, the teacher says to be quiet or something along those lines. Right then, students are probably saying really mean things in their mind.

When 900 other students have to use the restroom, plus go to their locker, and deal with the halls crowded halls, it takes longer to get places. It doesn’t help that only one restroom is open most of the time. When the lunchroom bathroom (which is huge) is open, it helps, but it’s farther away from the inner hallways. If the school made the other bathrooms larger, a lot of the problems might be solved.

The problem with the current bathroom situation is that when students need to go during class, they can’t concentrate. This could lead to students failing a test, not paying attention, or getting in trouble. If the school can’t make the bathrooms larger, they should consider giving students enough time during passing periods to go to the restroom, maybe by lengthening the passing periods from five minutes to seven minutes. This could help avoid any potentially embarrassing moments for students.