Death penalty should not be allowed

Sheri Alphin, Arts & Entertainment Reporter

In the show “The Killing” on AMC, Ray Seward is accused of murdering his wife and is placed on death row.

A couple weeks after his hanging, the real killer is found.

Even though this is a fictional show, wrongful execution does happen in real life.

The death penalty should not be allowed, because innocent men could be killed.

Eight years after Cameron Todd Willingham was executed for setting a fire that killed his three children, it was discovered that he was likely innocent.

But the state can’t take back the life they took away.

Death row is wrong because those the state thinks are guilty could really be innocent.

People make mistakes all the time. But making a mistake in a life or death situation is TOO big of a mistake. Keeping the death penalty around is just too risky for defendants, families and judges.

Four percent of people who are placed on death row and executed are innocent. That may seem like not very many people, but when you kill four out of 100, that’s a lot, especially when we’re talking about innocent people.

Do you really want to feel the guilt that you were in any way responsible for an innocent person’s death?

There are people who think the death penalty is fair. But even if the person is guilty, why should they get the easy way out? They should be left to rot in a cell and be killed by their guilt.

Some people think that it’s right to kill murderers. Murderers may be evil, but they are still human beings.

The state says that murdering is wrong, so why do they think it’s right to murder a murderer. Whether guilty or innocent, the death penalty shouldn’t be an option.