It’s time to make a change to school book bag policy


Even though it makes no sense, Red Oak Junior High does not allow students to carry book bags into the classroom even though string bags are allowed. It’s time for the school to adopt a policy that makes sense and allow students to bring book bags to class with them.

Students are required to put their bags in their lockers before entering class, but those who have to go to lockers continually to get items from their bag are late to class. Many time, students’ lockers are far away from their destination, which makes them tardy to class and causes them to miss instructional time.

If students were allowed to bring their bags to class, they won’t need to go back and forth from their class to their locker, which means students will be prepared at all times. Their things will be already there and they won’t disturb or miss anything important in class just to get something out of their locker.

The current policy allows string backpacks, which are oftentimes just as big and bulky as a regular book bag. Many people say this prevents tripping in the classroom, but it’s just as easy to trip over a string bag as a strapped book bag. In fact, the policy doesn’t address safety at all; if a student decided to carry a weapon or drugs in their bag, they could still carry it in a string backpack.

Students and parents should speak up and tell administrators to allow book bags in the classroom. It’s time to change this unfair policy.