Say ‘no’ to homework on the weekends


Having homework on weekends is hard and tiring, especially when ELA and math teachers assign anywhere from 3-5 pages of work combined. The work can often be overwhelming and confusing for students. Because of this, ROJH should consider banning homework on the weekend.

Students need to rest on the weekends. We are overwhelmed with homework during the weekdays and need a break to prepare for the next week. Students typically have to deal with math homework every single day during the week, along with homework and projects in other subjects, not to mention testing days that require studying. Sometimes it feels like too much.

Many students also have activities during the weekend and might not have time to do homework. Some students travel or have to work with their parents, and therefore do not have time to complete their homework, which leads to them getting a bad grade for the assignment. This is unfair to the students who have these added responsibilities.

In addition, many times students do not understand the homework and have a question, but they cannot ask the question until the next week. Students could email teachers, but some teachers might not check their emails until the weekday. It would be better to limit homework to days when students have a better chance at contacting teachers.

Some people feel that students need homework on the weekends for extra practice. But some might not need homework on the weekends, and it’s just busy work for those students. The students who need extra practice should go to tutoring and ask teachers for help.

No homework on the weekends would be good for students because they need to relax and prepare for the next week. Students could solve this problem by asking administrators to consider a homework ban on the weekend.