Dress code policy as stale as yesterday’s uniform

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You wake up. You look in your closet. You see all of your favorite clothes.

But you can’t wear them.

Instead, you turn to your dirty clothes basket and pick up the exact same shirt you wore yesterday.

That’s the life many ROJH students are experiencing.

The school board should seriously consider changing the dress code policy for good. Even though much of Red Oak believes that the dress code is a good thing, it is actually the exact opposite.

ROJH is always encouraging individuality, but how can students express themselves when they’re stuck in the same boring outfits every single day ?

Also, some kids can’t afford school uniforms and regular clothes, which results in some kids wearing the same uniform multiple times a week.

This is made worse by the fact that the school is too strict on the dress code. Students are restricted from wearing too many clothing items. What’s the point of restricting the type of socks students can wear?

It’s clear that administrators think uniforms increase academic success but in actuality, these uniforms make students not want to go to school. The solution is to eradicate the dress code completely because, face it: Kids always want to come to school to show off new clothes, not a new collared uniform shirt from Target. By getting rid of the uniform policy, more kids will want to come to school and have fun.