School should make passing periods longer

Students at ROJH only have five minutes to get to class, which makes it impossible for them to go to their lockers and the bathroom and still make it on time.

Students should have more time during passing periods. It gives them more time to do the things they need to do before and after class.

Sometimes students need access to their lockers, but their lockers could be on the other side of the school. Students can’t go from one class to their lockers and arrive at their next class on time in five minutes.

Going to the restroom is also a problem. Some teachers don’t allow students to go during class and tell them to go before or after class. However, bathrooms are often crowded and have no open stalls during passing period.

Hallways can be a danger zone during passing periods because of how crowded the halls get. Sometimes students can barely move and would have to squeeze their way out to try to get to class on time.

Teachers, parents and principals may disagree with changing the schedule because it could make the school day longer or could take away learning time in class. However, being on time to class is necessary and doing everything you have to do in five minutes is a struggle.

As a result of not having enough time between classes, students are tardy. Tardies accumulate very fast within a week and can turn into detentions and eventually into days of ISS.

The most logical solution to this problem is to add more minutes during passing periods. This would give students more time to do what they have to do before and after class.

Students should have more time during passing periods. It would help to makes students not feel so rushed.